Light L16: а New Portable 16-lens Camera


A photographer’s dream about a great lightweight DSLR camera seems to come true: an American firm Light presented a tiny 16 lenses camera — Light L16.


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A technologic firm based in California announced a new Light L16 that can make a revolution on the market of cameras. The Light L16 with its16 lenses and a 5-inch screen is the first multi-aperture computational camera in the world.

When you press the shutter release, the Light’s 16 lenses capture 10 images. After that, using the computational algorithm, the camera combines all shoots to produce a 52MP image. The focal length varies between 35mm and 150mm. You can also adjust focus, exposure or depth of field after taking a shot.

According to Rajiv Laroia, a co-founder of Light, they wanted to create a pocket-size camera that would always be with you and have the same technical features as bulky DSLRs. Laroia says, «Why I am really excited about this camera is that it puts the focus back on great photography, not just great technology.»

Unfortunately, Light hasn’t disclosed all the features of the new camera yet. They promise to announce a full list of its specs closer to the Spring 2016 release. The pre-order price is $1,300. It increases up to $1,700 on November 6th. The camera will be available next summer.

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Блог PressFoto Light L16: а New Portable 16-lens Camera Photo taken via Light L16

Блог PressFoto Light L16: а New Portable 16-lens Camera Photo taken via Light L16

The Light L16 is probably the best new camera on the market so far. It will be a great alternative to a smartphone due to a much better image quality. We’re looking forward to its release!

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